Announcement visualCaptcha has been aquired by DesirePath.

Multiple languages

visualCaptcha is now available across multiple backend languages. If you are using JavaScript, Ruby, or PHP, you can use visualCaptcha.

Framework integration

Framework agnostic frontend integration. You can now use visualCaptcha as plain JavaScript, as a jQuery plugin, and Angular JS directive, or even build your own integration with your favourite framework.

Use your own options

You can use your own pictures or audio as captchas which can be configured through JSON files.


Here are some of the features that make visualCaptcha your go-to captcha solution.

  • Accessible

    visualCaptcha has an innovative solution for people with accessibility needs.

  • Mobile-friendly

    It works on most mobile devices.

  • Retina-ready

    It also looks beautiful in devices with a higher pixel density.

  • Secure

    visualCaptcha was never broken by a bot (as far as we know).

  • Self-hosted

    visualCaptcha is self-hosted, which means you don't have to rely on third-party servers availability.

  • Open-Source

    You can contribute to improve visualCaptcha if you have a GitHub account.

Used and loved by millions

Thousands of websites are already enjoying the benefits of visualCaptcha, with less spam and more customer engagement.
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